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At The Baby Boutique we understand that unfortunately your baby doesn't come with a user guide called "how to look after a newborn", which can cause a lot of stress and confusion. This is why Baby Boutique is the place for you!

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This is why The Baby Boutique is the place for you. We know that YOU are the best person to make all the decisions for your child, so instead of telling you what to do, we have provided all the necessary information for you to choose the right option for you and your personal living situation.

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On this website you will find:

Sleep Methods:

  • Sleep methods is a page which is simply about all the places where your baby could sleep. We've included information on co-sleeping, co-sleeping compromise, sleeping in the same room but in separate beds, and your baby sleeping in a separate room or nursery. We've included the pros and con's of each method as well as a few links to follow for a more in-depth research.

Sleep Safety:

  • The Sleep Safety page is more of an awareness page of preventable accidents that occur while your baby is sleeping. It includes statistics and prevention methods for each sleeping arrangement.

Nursery Checklist:

  • Our nursery checklist provides you with everything you will need for your baby, especially for the first few months. Our checklist is mainly aimed for a parent preparing for the arrival of their newborn, with information such as whether to choose modern cloth nappies instead of disposable nappies. But for our parents with older babies, we highly reccomend looking through our checklist. You'll be amazed how many things would come in handy now that you overlooked during the newborn stage.

Nursery Safety:

  • You can never have a nursery or house that is too safe for our little ones. Take a look at our nursery safety page for all your tips and tricks on keeping your baby safe from danger, and safety precautions we can put in place for our children.